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Belfer Center Spring 2023 Newsletter

| Spring 2023

Friends and Colleagues,

As the 2022-23 academic year nears an end, the Belfer Center community is reflecting on our efforts to develop ideas on policy solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems at the intersection of science and international affairs, and we’re looking to the future as we prepare for our leadership transition. In July, we will welcome a new Director, Meghan O’Sullivan, to whom I will hand the reins of the Center.

It has been an honor to lead the Center for the past six years alongside the highly talented faculty, staff, students, and others who make up the Belfer Center family. I plan to devote my time to teaching and running a project that will develop US security strategy for key areas of emerging technology.

In this newsletter, read about our recent guest, South Korean President Yoon, whose historic visit to Harvard was co-planned by our Korea Project. Learn how Center experts assess the war in Ukraine and Putin’s nuclear threats, what our research shows about the future of the energy transition and the significance of climate change governance, and how to navigate deepfakes and make technology, such as AI, work for and not against the public good. Also watch a Q&A with Meghan O’Sullivan and hear her thoughts about the Belfer Center’s impact. There’s much more. Click here to see the full newsletter.

Eric Rosenbach, Co-Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

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Middle East Initiative Mosaic 2021-2022

June 01, 2023

The Middle East Initiative's annual Mosaic newsletter showcases the vibrancy and breadth of activities taken up by our faculty, fellows, students, and staff throughout the academic year. The 2021-2022 edition celebrates the 20th anniversary and enduring impact of the Kuwait Program at Harvard University. Additional highlights include features on our Faculty Chair’s field-based course on development in the Gulf, Senior Fellow-led learning opportunities, our public events series, and the research and policy analysis of our faculty, fellows, and students.

Peter Ajak speaking to a small group outside.

Courtesy of Peter Ajak

- Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Belfer Center Fellow Peter Ajak Navigates Challenges from Lost Boy to South Sudanese Activist

| Spring 2023

Peter Ajak is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Belfer Center’s International Security Program. A South Sudanese peace activist, a scholar, former political prisoner, and a former child soldier and Lost Boy of Sudan, Ajak’s life has been consumed with the commitment to bring freedom to his people.

A wide shot of a crowd watching two large video screen with Ukraine President Zelenskyy on them at the Munich Security Conference

AP Photo/Michael Probst

Center Nuclear Experts Highlight Escalating Risks at Munich Security Conference

| Spring 2023

The Project on Managing the Atom co-hosted a side event at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in partnership with the Center for International Security of Berlin’s Hertie School. The event focused on nuclear threats and nuclear deterrence.

A deepfake of President Zelensky next to the original image.

The Presidential Office of Ukraine

Deepfakes: Navigating the Information Space in 2023 and Beyond

| Spring 2023

The widespread emergence of deepfakes—images and audio-visual elements created for purposes such as expression, play, or experimentation—raises key questions around ethics and policy. This Intelligence Project conference discussed ways to navigate these issues.