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Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci

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Paper - Centre for International Governance Innovation

US Intelligence, the Coronavirus and the Age of Globalized Challenges

| Aug. 24, 2020

This essay makes three arguments. First, the US government will need to establish a coronavirus commission, similar to the 9/11 commission, to determine why, since April 2020, the United States has suffered more coronavirus fatalities than any other country in the world. Second, the COVID-19 pandemic represents a watershed for what will be a major national security theme this century: biological threats, both from naturally occurring pathogens and from synthesized biology. Third, intelligence about globalized challenges, such as pandemics, needs to be dramatically reconceptualized, stripping away outmoded levels of secrecy.

Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters. Langley, Virginia. January 30, 2004.

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A Global Crossroads: A World without Borders, or a Star Wars Shield?

| May 19, 2009

A growing number of intractable problems can no longer be solved by the existing institutions, mechanisms and approaches of a bygone age.  It is time to forge a collective security consciousness that will enable us to develop unprecedented ways of working together to solve shared problems.


Review of United States Policy Toward North Korea: Findings and Recommendations

  • Office of the North Korea Policy Coordinator, United States Department of State
| Oct. 12, 1999

The policy review team determined that a fundamental review of U.S. policy was indeed needed, since much has changed in the security situation on the Korean Peninsula since the 1994 crisis. The review focuses ondevelopments in the DPRK''s nuclear and long-range missile activities.

Report - Peace Studies Program, Cornell University

Crisis Stability and Nuclear War

  • Desmond Ball
  • Hans A. Bethe
  • Dr. Bruce G. Blair
  • Dr. Paul Bracken
  • Hillman Dickinson
  • Kurt Gottfried
  • David Holloway
  • Henry Kendall
  • Lloyd Leavitt, Jr.
  • Richard Ned Debow
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Lucja Swiatkowski
  • Paul Tomb
| January 1987

Book by Ashton Carter, Desmond Ball, Hans Bethe, Bruce Blair, Paul Bracken, Hillman Dickinson, Richard Garwin, Kurt Gottfried, David Holloway, Henry Kendall, Lloyd Leavitt, Jr., Richard Ned Debow, Condoleezza Rice, Peter Stein, John Steinbruner, Lucja Swiatkowski, and Paul Tomb.