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General Motors assembly plant

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Press Release - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Automakers Must Double Investment to Meet Biden’s Proposed Electric Vehicle Targets, Says New Study

| Dec. 19, 2023

The Biden Administration and automotive industry have announced ambitious targets for the number of electric vehicles they hope to deploy by 2030, but automakers are not yet on track to meet those targets, according to new analysis by researchers at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. 

Analysis & Opinions - Environment and Natural Resources Program, Belfer Center

Event Debrief: Permitting Progress in Support of U.S. Clean Energy and Climate Goals

| Nov. 08, 2023

Harvard Kennedy School’s Energy Policy Seminar series hosted Ana Unruh Cohen, Senior Director for NEPA, Infrastructure and Clean Energy at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), to provide an update on the Biden Administration’s ongoing permitting reform. 

Audio - Harvard Environmental Economics Program

The Electricity Sector and Climate Policy: A Discussion with Karen Palmer

| Aug. 08, 2023

Energy economist Karen Palmer, renowned for her research on the nation’s electric power sector, shared her insights on electricity regulation and deregulation, carbon pricing, and climate change policy in the latest episode of “Environmental Insights: Discussions on Policy and Practice from the Harvard Environmental Economics Program.”

stacks of coated steel pipes

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Paper - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage: Carbon Dioxide Transport Costs and Network-Infrastructure Considerations for a Net-Zero United States

| July 20, 2023

This brief examines the national challenges related to deploying and scaling infrastructure to transport CO₂ from capture sites to storage or utilization sites at a scale consistent with achieving net-zero by 2050.

Nat Keohane and Henry Lee

Martha Stewart

News - Harvard Kennedy School

“A Sea Change”: Nat Keohane PhD 2001 Praises Recent U.S. Climate Action

| May 16, 2023

Nat Keohane, a climate expert, spoke with HKS faculty member Henry Lee at a Harvard Climate Action Week event held at the Kennedy School on the challenges and opportunities for building on recent progress in U.S. climate policy.

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Press Release

Harvard Students Visit West Virginia to Listen and Learn About Coalfield Transition

Mar. 29, 2023

 The Future of Coal Regions Study Group, co-sponsored by the Belfer Center's Environment and Natural Resources Program and the Wiener Center's Reimagining the Economy Project, will travel to coalfield regions in West Virginia on a trek led by Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Resident Fellow 2022 and former West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

a "For Rent" sign is taped to a storefront window in the coal town of Welch, W.Va

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Policy Brief - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

The Persistent Consequences of the Energy Transition in Appalachia’s Coal Country

  • Eleanor Krause
| Mar. 24, 2023

How have Appalachia’s coal-dependent communities adjusted to historical and contemporary declines in demand for coal, and how do these shocks – and their consequences for the educational composition of affected communities – influence the capacity for future generations to adapt to new challenges? In this policy brief, Eleanor Krause presents estimates of how Appalachia’s coal country has adjusted to recent declines in coal mining employment (“coal shocks”), and demonstrates how this adjustment process is, in part, dictated by the persistent consequences of historical employment shocks in Appalachia.

Audio - Harvard Environmental Economics Program

Pursuing Practical Solutions to the Climate Challenge: A Conversation with James Stock

| Mar. 08, 2023

Harvard University Professor James Stock, who serves as Harvard's inaugural Vice Provost for Climate and Sustainability and director of the new Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability, expressed his hopes for a smooth domestic energy transition during the newest episode of “Environmental Insights.”

David Turk

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News - Harvard Crimson

U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary Discusses Future of Clean Energy at Harvard Kennedy School Seminar

  • Sabrina Hu
| Feb. 14, 2023

Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy David M. Turk discussed the federal government’s plans to foster the transition to clean energy at a Monday seminar held by the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.