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Distribution of civilian HEU worldwide as of 2011. From the 2011 Global Fissile Material Report.

International Panel on Fissile Materials


The Nuclear Terrorism Threat

| January 13, 2014

In these slides, William H. Tobey and Pavel Zolotarev provide an updated summary of the threat of nuclear terrorism, based in part on the new U.S.-Russian report, Steps to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism. This was presented at the Meeting of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit ‘Sherpas’, hosted by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pattaya, Thailand, on January 13, 2014.

Presentation - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Living Sustainable Development: Opportunities for Planets, Places and People

| September 4, 2012

On April 23, 2012, Harvard Kennedy School professor William Clark, a leading scholar on sustainable development, spoke to HKS faculty and staff about “Living Sustainable Development:  Opportunities for Planets, Places and People.” Clark’s presentation not only conveys the big picture of sustainable development challenges and policy choices that affect the whole planet -- it also brings the issues down to the level of personal decisions that can make a difference.

Two cooling towers are demolished at a coal-burning power plant as an effort to improve energy efficiency in Xinxiang, in central China's Henan province, Oct. 28, 2009.

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Presentation - Energy Technology Innovation Policy Project, Belfer Center

Promoting Energy Conservation in China: Findings from an Input‐Output Analysis of China's Energy Consumption

| November 9, 2010

The Chinese government consistently regards energy conservation as one of the most effective means to address its energy-related problems, such as energy security and greenhouse-gas emission reduction. Its energy-saving effect has been substantial since the government has implemented a series of policies in recent years. However, there is still debate about whether or not the current energy conservation policies can support the achievement of China's long-term goal of sustainable development.

Presentation - Energy Technology Innovation Policy Project, Belfer Center

Equity and Climate Policy: An Allocation Method Based on Individual Emissions

| October 7, 2008

The speakers presented a new framework for allocation of a global carbon reduction target among nations, in which "common but differentiated responsibilities" refers to the emissions of individuals, rather than of nations.