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Journal Article - Routledge

Political Connections Reduce Job Creation: Firm-level Evidence from Lebanon

| Dec. 15, 2020

Using firm-level data, we document that politically connected firms (PCFs) create more jobs than unconnected firms in Lebanon. We observe, however, that the presence of PCFs in a sector is correlated with lower job creation. Although causality is difficult to establish due to endogeneity issues, we find that PCFs expand, and non-PCFs retract, more around elections. Our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that unfair competition by PCFs hurts unconnected competitors so much that aggregate employment growth in the sector is affected negatively.

Israeli Arab politician Ayman Odeh casts his vote in Haifa

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Analysis & Opinions - Haaretz

Israel Election Results: Netanyahu Will Pull Out All the Stops — Including Military Action — to Hold on to Power

| Sep. 18, 2019

Chuck Freilich writes that Israelis voted to save their democracy. But the country may soon face a severe constitutional crisis if Netanyahu, facing political failure and criminal prosecution, adopts Nixon-style desperate measures.