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Maryland voters at voting booth

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Analysis & Opinions - PBS NEWSHOUR

Security Expert Bruce Schneier Warns of AI Tools’ Potential Threat to Democracy

| Feb. 04, 2023

Artificial intelligence has the potential to dramatically alter how we gather information, communicate and work. Experts are also raising questions about how it will affect governance and what it will mean for the future of our democracy. Bruce Schneier, a fellow at the Belfer Center, joins PBS' William Brangham to discuss.

President Joe Biden answers questions from members of the media

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Analysis & Opinions - Foreign Policy

The United States Couldn't Stop Being Stupid if It Wanted To

| Dec. 13, 2022

Stephen Walt analyzes why self-imposed restraint will always be a contradiction in terms for Washington. Ideology, power, bureaucratic momentum, and other states' desires to use U.S. power for their own ends combine to create a powerful predisposition to do something and a concomitant inability to set clear priorities and stick to them when temptation arises.