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A Russian Rosguardia (National Guard) secures an area as a massive blaze is seen over the Crocus City Hall on the western edge of Moscow, Russia, Friday, March 22, 2024. AP Photo/Dmitry Serebryakov

AP Photo/Dmitry Serebryakov

Analysis & Opinions

Crocus Attack Ends Lull of Six Years, Raises Question About Law-Enforcers’ Focus

| Mar. 28, 2024

Does the March 22 terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue outside Moscow signal a return of recurrent large-scale terrorism to Russia? Hopefully not and there are multiple ways to lower the probability of such recurrence.

a Houthi forces helicopter approaching the cargo ship Galaxy Leader

Houthi Media Center via AP

Analysis & Opinions - The Atlantic

The Middle East Conflict That the U.S. Can't Stay Out Of

| Dec. 24, 2023

Juliette Kayyem argues that the sooner President Joe Biden acknowledges that the United States will likely be drawn into a fight to protect shipping traffic through the Suez Canal, the more time the U.S. military has to plan, and the less severe the harm will be to the global economy.

A woman looks at a wall with photos of Israelis held captive

AP/Petros Giannakouris

Analysis & Opinions - Harvard Crimson

Five Harvard Experts Weigh in on War in Israel and Gaza

| Oct. 13, 2023

As the war in Israel and Gaza continues, Professor Stephen Waltf and Ambassador Edward Djerejian were two of the five Harvard faculty and affiliates with expertise in the region who spoke with The Crimson about their views on the future of the conflict.

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated with the colors of Israel

AP/Michel Euler

Analysis & Opinions - Foreign Policy

Israel Could Win This Gaza Battle and Lose the War

| Oct. 09, 2023

Stephen Walt writes that this event—and the many clashes that preceded it—may also reveal the limits of power. War is the continuation of politics by other means, and powerful states sometimes win on the battlefield and still lose politically. Hamas will never be able to defeat Israel in a direct test of strength, but its attack is a tragic reminder that Israel is not invulnerable and the Palestinian desire for self-determination cannot be ignored. It also shows that the Abraham Accords and the recent efforts to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia are no guarantee of peace; indeed, they may have made this latest conflict more likely.