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Climate Negotiators Create an Opportunity for Scholars

| August 31, 2012


In a new Science article, authors Joseph Aldy, Harvard Project Faculty Affiliate and Faculty Fellow of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP), and Robert N. Stavins, Harvard Project and HEEP Director, challenge researchers, think tanks, and advocacy groups to devise new policy approaches to combat climate change—in light of the opportunity presented by the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action. A key part of any such new approach would be to involve all major emitting countries—both developed and developing.

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The authors expand upon this article in a Harvard Project Policy Brief, "Climate Negotiations Open a Window: Key Implications of the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action."

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For Academic Citation: Aldy, Joseph E. and Robert N. Stavins. Climate Negotiators Create an Opportunity for Scholars.” Science, vol. 337. no. 6098. (August 31, 2012):

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