Please join the Arctic Initiative for a lunch seminar, "Is the Arctic Drowning in Financial Nationalism?" with Tero Vauraste, Chair of the Arctic Economic Council and President and CEO of Arctia Group.

The Arctic; so pristine, but so vulnerable. The World Economic Forum calculates a 1 trillion-dollar untapped investment potential in the Arctic. Increased trade is somewhat inhibited by recently established trade barriers including sanctions, tariffs, and the freezing of free trade agreement processes. The question is, will financial nationalism hinder the adoption of best practices and new technologies, including those that can benefit Arctic communities and protect the region's fragile environment?

Tero Vauraste is a key spokesman for increased collaboration in the Arctic, on issues ranging from trade to the development of an "Uber for icebreakers" system to enhance security in the region. In his talk, he will discuss the linkages between Arctic free trade and the environment and security. He will also discuss Finland's priorities and goals for the chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2017-2019).

Tero Vauraste is the President and CEO of Arctia Group, which owns and operates eight icebreakers. Arctia provides icebreaking and other maritime services in harsh conditions in the Baltic Sea, polar areas, and elsewhere in the world. Mr. Vauraste also serves as Chair of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC), an independent organization established in 2014 that facilitates Arctic business-to-business activities and responsible economic development through the sharing of best practices, technological solutions, standards, and other information. The AEC provides advice and a business perspective to the work of the Arctic Council. Vauraste’s has a Master of Science in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management from Leicester University and naval officer exam from the Finnish Naval Academy. He has served as vessel master and several other positions in the Finnish Coast Guard. His current military rank is Lieutenant-Commander.