A powerful new generation is emerging in the Arctic. A generation that is strong and full of new ideas, a generation that is ready to tackle issues head on. Indigenous youth are the future of arctic communities, and many are already making their voices heard. The Indigenous Youth Leadership session will explore the challenges that Indigenous youth face, and what crises are affecting them. The session will discuss how Indigenous youth are stepping into leadership roles, and how they can be enabled to capture new opportunities for their communities. The session will examine some of the existing efforts to empower young people to take on leadership roles.

In this session, we will begin by introducing the Arctic Indigenous context and resilience thinking, which will lead into a moderated Lavvu Dialogue with Indigenous Youth from the circumpolar Arctic (A ´lavvu´ is the Sámi term for the traditional nomadic tent, which represents a key arena for discussions that bridge different views and interests).  The Arctic Resilience Forum will be launched by consulting Indigenous Youth about their aspirations and the supports they need to become resilience Arctic leaders.

To watch the full session recording visit the SDWG YouTube page. 

Russian translation is available for this and all Arctic Resilience Forum sessions, thanks to the support of the Icelandic Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. 

There are many fantastic youth leadership programs from around the circumpolar Arctic. This session will highlight a few examples, but we encourage attendees to explore the many different programs which are underway including: