As a major actor in the Syrian Crisis, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and in the fight against terrorism in Sahel and Libya, French Foreign Minister Le Drian in conversation with Secretary Ash Carter will examine, "Is Diplomacy Still Alive?" 

Minister Le Drian will share his views on global diplomatic crises, including the trans-Atlantic relationship, as well as the importance of the protection and promotion of free democracies as the backbone of a stable and thriving international order. 

Jean-Yves Le Drian was appointed Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs under President Emmanuel Macron on May 17, 2017. Born in Brittany, France, he majored in History before getting into politics. For 17 years he was re-elected as the Mayor of Lorient, his hometown. At the age of 30, he joined the National French Assembly as Député of Morbihan. He was Minister of State for Maritime Affairs under President François Mitterrand and later became Minister of Defense for 5 years, under President François Hollande. In this capacity, he played a prominent role in the launch of military operations in support of the Government of Mali faced with an imminent terrorist threat and in France's participation in the global coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.