For decades, Japan and South Korea have had a dispute over a small group of islands that are almost midway between the two countries. The Japanese name for the islands is Takeshima while South Korea calls them Dokdo. There are many island disputes in Asia, but this one is unique because it involves two U.S. allies. For decades, the U.S. position on the dispute has been that it does not take a position on the sovereignty of the Liancourt Rocks, the name used by Washington, and will welcome any outcome agreed to by both Japan and South Korea. In fall 2012, the dispute escalated and relations between Seoul and Tokyo hit historic lows. Some began to call for Washington to step in and help solve the dispute, a course of action that is fraught with danger. This seminar will explore the history of U.S. involvement in the dispute and any possible role Washington might be able to play to settle or manage the matter.

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