A conversation with Randa Farah, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Western University.

Participants should plan to read the following before attending this seminar:

Randa Farah, Keeping an Eye on UNRWA (January 2012)

Sari Hanafi, Governing Palestinian Refugee Camps in the Arab East:  Governmentalities in Search of Legitimacy. (October 2010). http://www.aub.edu.lb/ifi/public_policy/pal_camps/Documents/working_papers_series/20101206ifi_pc_wps01_sari_hanafi_english.pdf

This event is part of the HKS Conversation Series: Can the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Be Resolved? a seven-part seminar series hosted by MEI fellow Diana Buttu, former legal advisor to the Palestinian negotiating team in its negotiations with Israel and later as an advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has occupied the agenda of several US presidents, and for over twenty years, US Presidents have focused on resolving the conflict through a process of negotiations and dialogue leading to “two states”.  But, with the negotiations process stalled for several years and with ongoing settlement expansion, attention should be paid to questioning whether the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved at all; whether it can be resolved through a process of negotiations; and whether the “two-state” model remains appropriate.

This conversation series aims to bring together academics and practitioners to examine these questions.  The series is intended for those seeking more in-depth analysis of the issues facing Israelis and Palestinians.  Participants are expected to read the assigned materials in order to contribute to the discussion.

RSVP is required. RSVP to middle_east_initiative@hks.harvard.edu

The HKS Conversation Series is made possible by the generous support of Sidney Topol.