The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs will host a Director's Lunch with Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, in the Belfer Center Library (L369).

Tigran Sargsyan was elected Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia in 2008.  He is a member of the Republican Party of Armenia - a center-right Christian-Democratic party; currently the leading political force in Armenia.

Sandwiched between the larger powers of Turkey, Russia, and Iran, Armenia struggles to fix its own internal problems while being buffeted by external crises.  For example, sanctions designed to hurt Iran, also negatively impact Armenia.  “International sanctions practically nullify our opportunities to work with Iran. This creates serious problems for Armenia.”  [Tigran Sargsyan, Armenia Public Radio, November 26, 2012]

In a June 6th press conference, Prime Minister Sargsyan told journalists, “…our strategic partnership with Russia, the European Union and the United States cannot be opposed to each other: we look upon these relations as complementary ones.” 

As Prime Minster, Sargsyan is best known for his staunch advocacy of economic reforms and democratic transformation of Armenia aimed at modernizing the country and enhancing its global competitiveness. He personally chairs government councils inter alia on competitiveness, education, science, information technologies and business reform.

Sargsyan has implemented reforms intended to facilitate economic transformation and build transparent and accountable public governance. He was previously the Chairman of Armenia’s Central Bank from 1998-2008. From 1990 to 1995, he served as a member of the parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Financial and Fiscal Affairs of the National Assembly. In 1995-2008, Sargsyan served as director of the Transition Society Institute. He holds a doctorate degree in economics.  Tigran Sargsyan is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and books dealing with economic, government, governance and societal transformation in light of global trends and globalization.


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