Please join the Defense Project in welcoming the United States Army War College Eisenhower Speakers College Program back to Harvard Kennedy School. A panel of five students and a faculty member from the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA will be speaking on Thursday, February 15th from 12:00-1:30pm in Land Lecture Hall (B-4000). The purpose of this event is to encourage dialogue on national security and public policy between the military, students, and the public.

The visitors are part of the Eisenhower Speakers College Program, a fifty-year-old outreach effort by the Army War College to university and community audiences around the nation. Each year, selected students travel nationwide to strengthen connections between the American military and the society it serves. The team members, who are being prepared by the War College to serve in senior military and policy positions, will speak briefly on current topics of strategic interest, and then have an informal Q&A with the audience. For this event the speakers and their intended topics for speaking include:

LTC Bryan Kirk, U.S. Army, Special Forces (Green Beret): “It's been 16 years since entering Afghanistan, and even though our military and political leadership keep assuring us that the U.S. is "winning," it sure doesn't seem like it. What does winning actually mean, can we win, and is that different than victory? Is this still a military problem?”

LTC John Shine, U.S. Army, Artillery - “Recognizing India as a natural ally with immense potential, the US should be building a relationship based on mutual trust and shared values. As “bookends of stability” on either side of the Indo-Pacific region, India and the US have the opportunity to shape the international environment by cooperatively enforcing a rules-based international order.”

Lt Col Ryan Montanez, U.S. Air Force, Special Tactics & Rescue - “Post-Traumatic Stress, a disorder or natural response? US Special Operations unmasking the stigma, identifying risk and building resiliency.”

LtCol Jason Burkett, U.S. Marine Corps - “By their nature, insurgencies are unique, complex, and dynamic activities. Accordingly, endeavors to counter them must be flexible and nuanced to address the specific circumstances from which the insurgency draws its strength. This presentation provides a non-traditional perspective on counterinsurgency based on first-hand experience in Iraq.”

LTC Leo Wyszynski, U.S. Army, Armor - “This speech discusses Just War Theory, specifically the importance that the American military places upon acting morally in war (jus in bello). It is intended to inform the audience of the harsh realities of combat and contends that fifteen years of service in this environment has made our military a more moral force.”