The DAO Harvard conference will bring together an interdisciplinary set of stakeholders across academia, government, and industry to explore the various implications of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) in society. Below is an outline of the conference focus:

  • Day 1: Research. Day 1 will gather experts across multiple institutions to discuss ongoing academic research efforts regarding decentralized social technologies. Researchers will have the opportunity to present their recent work, as well as align on future research priorities.
  • Day 2: Law. Day 2 will gather lawyers, academics, and practitioners to identify the current pain points that DAOs encounter when trying to interface with the legal system, understand the current legal approaches being experimented with, and reflect on how legal frameworks could evolve to accommodate their needs. Topics include how various jurisdictions are currently handling incorporation (e.g. Wyoming DAO LLC), liability, taxation, and more.
  • Day 3: Policy. Day 3 will be an intimate gathering of leaders across policy, business, and academia to discuss the role organizations such as cooperatives, open-source communities, and DAOs are playing in enabling equitable ownership and representation, presenting antidotes to some of the harms caused by Big Tech. We will also discuss the hurdles these organizations are facing in realizing their potential, and how novel entities like DAOs may improve outcomes in the US.

Agendas and speakers will be shared soon.