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The BelferCenter for Science and International Affairs is proud to host a Director's Lunch on “Deploying IGCC this Decade with 3 Party Covenant Financing” with William Rosenberg, Senior Fellow with the BelferCenter for Science and International Affairs and the Center for Business and Government at the Kennedy School of Government.  He is the lead author of a report released this past summer "Deploying IGCC this Decade with 3Party Covenant Financing". This regulatory and financing proposal spells out how coal gasification might be commercially viable if utilities, state public utility commissions and the US Department of energy join together to finance an initial fleet of coal gasification power plants. Bringing IGCC plants on line offers a new, cleaner, cheaper domestic energy source and reconciliation between use of America's vast coal reserves (25% of world reserves) and the environment. IGCC is also a technological foundation for future capture and sequestration of CO2 emissions critical in addressing climate change.

William G. Rosenberg's career has included 14 years as corporate lawyer and energy and environmental consultant, 11 years as real estate developer and venture capitalist, and 13 years of public service. He served as Chairman, Michigan Public Service Commission; Assistant Administrator, Federal Energy Administration for Energy Resource Development; and Assistant Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency for Air and Radiation during the enactment and implementation of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Mr. Rosenberg also was appointed by two Michigan Governors to serve as CEO of housing and broadband finance authorities. In business, he has been a principal in real estate development, venture capital, and energy and environmental consulting companies.

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Please go to the following website to view the publication: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2004/1101/044_print.html

We hope you can join us for what will be an interesting and informative discussion.