Dr. Peter Lyons, Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will participate in a discussion about the issues facing the NRC in the context of the nuclear renaissance.

As a Commissioner, Dr. Lyons has focused on the safety of operating reactors and on the importance of NRC and the industry learning from operating experience, even as new reactor licensing and possible construction emerges. He has emphasized that NRC and its licensees must remain strong and vigilant components of our Nation's integrated defenses against terrorism, and he has been a consistent voice for improving NRC partnerships with the States. An extensive research background underlies his advocacy for an active and forward-looking NRC research program to support sound regulatory decisions, address current issues and anticipate future ones. Finally, because NRC's success depends directly on maintaining a competent and dedicated workforce, Dr. Lyons continues to be a ceaseless proponent of science and technology education, recruiting for diversity, employee training and development programs, and an open and collaborative working environment.