Please join the Intelligence Project for a webinar with the Honorable James R. Clapper, Belfer Center Senior Fellow and Former Director of National Intelligence. 

From directing the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency post 9/11 to leading the entire United States Intelligence Community as the Director of National Intelligence through the Ebola outbreak, Jim Clapper is no stranger to leading during national security crises. 

As we shift from a post-9/11 to a post-COVID19 national security paradigm, the United States Intelligence Community and national security apparatus as a whole must adapt to address threats that are increasingly non-traditional.

In this session, Clapper will provide recommendations for intelligence leadership as national security priorities are becoming increasingly driven by global security issues such as climate change and pandemics. 

He will address some of the major challenges leaders face today as intelligence is increasingly a focus of partisan conflict, and speak to the importance of speaking truth to power in an era of societal truth decay.