Please join the Intelligence Project for a panel discussion with Lt Gen (ret) Jim Reese and BG (ret) Aref Alzaben on "The Future of Terrorism: What Comes Next?" Intelligence Project Director Rolf Mowatt-Larssen will moderate. 

The panelists will draw on their different backgrounds to discuss where we stand - and what lies on the road ahead - in the complex fight against terrorism and extremism. The panelists will cover the current state of organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the "Wandering Mujahidin" and the different approaches, including interagency cooperation and public-private partnerships, that are needed to combat terrorism in today's world. 

LT (Ret) Jim Reese

Jim Reese, is the Founder and Chairman, of TigerSwan, a crisis management, global affairs and capacity building businesses that thrives in Non and Semi Permissive and culturally diverse operating environments. 

Jim is also the Founder of GuardianAngel a technology services company that developed a technology agnostic, real-time, integrated, situational awareness response and communications platform that integrates IoT sensors for enterprises for enhanced situational awareness, operation/intelligence fusion and integration of big data. The Technology is currently deployed to support emergency management and provides travel safety to the public. 

Jim retired from the United States Army after 25 years as both a non-commissioned and commissioned officer duty culminating at a Lieutenant Colonel. Jim spent 23 of 25 years in Special Operations, with his remaining 11 years within the “Delta Force.” Jim is a disabled veteran and decorated combat leader and has been involved with most of the critical manhunt operations in the 20th century. He advised international leaders on 6 continents with respect to operations and intelligence fusion, and served in both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as contingency operations around the globe. 

Immediately following 9/11, Jim was selected by the U.S. Secretary of Defense and USSOCOM Commander to serve as the lead advisor for Special Operations to the Director of the CIA for operational planning and integration of CIA and Military elements during the invasion of Afghanistan and Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2003, he was personally requested by the Combined Forces Coalition Commander to be his primary advisor for the integration of the Joint Special Operations Command. His leadership and energy were instrumental within the “Delta Force,” JSOC and the U.S. Government interagency community for implementing, guiding and leading a complex counter-terrorism strategy that revolutionized interagency operations and developed the modern-day doctrine of U.S. man-hunting. 

Since retirement from Delta, Jim has led TigerSwan in contracts specializing in Stability, humanitarian and security operations within CENTCOM (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, India), PACOM (Japan), SOUTHCOM (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia) 

Jim received his BA in Communications from Mansfield University and a Fellowship degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for International Studies (CIS) in International security and foreign policy.


Brigadier General (ret) Aref S. Alzaben

Aref Alzaben graduated from The Royal Jordanian Military Academy in 1986, His assignment to the 82nd Airborne Battalion, where he served as an Airborne Platoon Leader. Starting in 1988, he has been deeply involved in counter-terrorism, serving in the Jordanian Counterterrorism Company in the 101st S.F Battalion from Squad Assault Leader to Team leader, Commander of the Rapid intervention Team, Special Forces Instructor, intelligence officer in the 71st counter terrorism unit since the it was established, Military Information Officer at the Former Yugoslavia with the UN Protection Forces. He was assigned as exchange officer with the U.S army, in the USAJFKSWCS in Fort Bragg North Carolina in SWTG B Company; upon his returned to Jordan Special Forces he was reassigned at the Special Forces School to train the Jordanian Special Forces.

On the 16th of March 1999, under the directions and guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein Maj. Alzaben was assigned as the commander of 71st CT. had commanded the 71st CTB until Aug 21, 2002, after graduation from staff college in Jordan, he promoted to LTC. then His Majesty the king reassigned LTC. Alzaben to command the 71st CT Bn. once again.

In 2004, LTC. Alzaben had attended the first PTSS (Program on Terrorism and Security Studies) Seminar (04-8), in George C. Marshall (European Center for Security Studies), where he was selected as a Guest speaker for several Senior Executive Seminars.

In 2005 attend the NDU (National Defense University) in Washington DC for 9 months under the Regional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship program successfully graduated on the 19th of August 2005 from SNSEE, (The School for National Security Executive Education) in the CTF (Counter Terrorism Fellow Program) class 1-05.

In 2007 LTC. Alzaben assigned as the Adviser of the Republican Guard & the Special Forces Commander on Republic of Yemen.

In 2008 Col. Alzaben has been transferred from the Joint Special Ops Command as a member of the Oversight Strategy Board (OSB) for (KASOTC).

In 2010, he Commanded Task Force 222/C , in Afghanistan with the ISAF, as part of the US 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team , during his command in Afghanistan Col. Alzaben has awarded the US Meritorious Service Medal from the President of the United States Of America for his Exceptionally Meritorious Service In support of Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan with the ISAF. During his command, COL Alzaben was responsible for creating and implementing an information operations campaign ““Voices of Modern Islam” to win the Minds and Hearts through the support of the local population. To do this, he focused on a religious approach that demonstrated the dangers of the radical interpretation of Islam of insurgents operating in the region. During his command, he reached out to religious scholars and other community leaders to show them a moderate picture of Islam through an initiative designed to highlight the immorality of justifying terrorism in the name of Islam.

After the completion of the mission in Afghanistan Col .Alzaben has assigned as the Commander of King Abdullah II, 37th Royal Special Forces Brigade, after two years and half serving as Special Forces Commander.

On 27 August 2012, Col Alzaben was awarded the Special Operations Command Medal (USSOCOM) By ADM William H. McRaven ,Previous recipient of the Award include GEN. Schoomaker former (Chief of Staff of the US. Army). AMB Ann Patterson (Ambassador to Egypt and former Ambassador to Pakistan), and DR. Michel Vickers (Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence)

On the 5 November 2013, Colonel Alzaben was promoted to Brigadier General and on the 13 April 2014, General Alzaben was assigned as Chief Executive Officer and Military Commandant at KASOTC. On 5 January 2016, General Alzaben relinquished command of KASOTC to continue his professional development and academic studies to earn a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy in Arab and Islamic Studies

His educational background includes a BA (bachelor’s degree) in Military Science, the master’s degree of Arts in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defence in Washington DC; also, the War College Diploma awarded the Chancellor’s Award 2010-2011 from CISA.