This panel discussion is part of the 2010 AllWorld Network Leadership Summit.

Michael E. Porter is a leading authority on competitive strategy, the competitiveness and economic development of nations, states, and regions, and the application of competitive principles to social problems such as health care, the environment, and corporate responsibility.

Professor Porter is generally recognized as the father of the modern strategy field, as has been identified in a variety of rankings and surveys as the world's most influential thinker on management and competitiveness.

More Information on Our Panelists:

Dr. Amin Amin, CEO of CADER, Amman, Jordan

By "teaching the teachers," Amin aims to become the leader in education reform in the Middle East. The core business of CADER (which stands for ChangeAgent for Arab Development and Education Reform) is capacity building through the provision of professional development services in the education sector. Its services can be organized into three areas: individual teacher training, training programs for schools and consulting services. In just five years, CADER has trained more than 3,000 teachers -reaching over 75% of Jordan's schools. CADER continues to grow in Jordan and opened training centers in Aqaba, CADER's first outside of Amman, in late 2009.

Ms. Najat Rizk, CEO of FIREHORSE, Beirut, Lebanon

Independent television production company - focused on building talent in the Middle East and top-notch film productions.  Anchoring a growing entertainment and hi-tech cluster in the Middle East.

Mr. Khalid Sulieman, CEO of AlCantara Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Alcantara Group was founded in December 1997. From its inception, Alcantara's aim has been to become the leading systems integrator and solutions provider in Saudi Arabia.Over the last decade, Alcantara has become the holding company for a diverse range of technology providers: Kerfi Arabia for systems integration; IFS Arabia for Enterprise Resource Planning; Nexus Arabia for healthcare information systems and Medacsys for healthcare hardware and software turn-key packages. Alcantara's commitment and dedication to quality has been recognized by both the private and public sectors as well as the country's communication network and mena media.. A leader in the regional technology sector, alcantara was recognized as one of the top ten fastest growing companies by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority for two consecutive years in January 2009 & 2010 and was handed the award by Dr.Mchael Porter of Harvard School of Business.