LOCATION UPDATE:This event will now be held in Malkin Penthouse, Littauer Building, 4th Floor, HKS campus.

A seminar with Yezid Sayigh, Senior Associate and Professor, Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut. Part of the spring 2015 study group led by MEI Visiting Scholar Michael C. Hudson: "Rethinking the Arab State: The Collapse of Legitimacy in Arab Politics." To learn more about the series, click here.

The "state" ISIS seeks to build owes far more to Saddam Hussein's legacy in terms of his deployment of violence and use of material resources and ideology, that Iraq remains the Islamic State's core territory and population, and that its relations with its other "welayat" or provinces resembles that of the Iraqi Ba'th Party with branches in other Arab countries of the Levant and beyond.

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Study Group participants are encouraged to buy or loan the following book:

Beyond the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Arab World. Brynen, Rex, Moore, Pete W., Salloukh, Bassel F., Zahar, Marie-Joelle, Lynne Reinner Publishing, November 2012.

Additional Readings: TBD.

About Yezid Sayigh:

Yezid Sayigh is a senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, focused on the Syrian crisis, the political role of Arab armies, security sector transformation in Arab transitions, the reinvention of authoritarianism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process. Previously, Sayigh was professor of Middle East studies at King’s College London, assistant director of studies at the Centre of International Studies, Cambridge, and head of the Middle East program of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. Sayigh also joined the Palestinian delegation as adviser and negotiator at the peace talks with Israel from 1991–1994. Since 1999, he has consulted on the permanent-status peace talks and on Palestinian reform. Sayigh is the author of numerous publications, including most recently The Syrian Opposition’s Leadership Problem (April 2013); Above the State: The Officers’ Republic in Egypt (August 2012); “We serve the people”: Hamas policing in Gaza (2011); and Policing the People, Building the State: Authoritarian transformation in the West Bank and Gaza (2011).