The two-part seminars led by Dr. Robert Danin will look at Israeli and Palestinian conflicting perspectives today with respect to a wide array of issues and dynamics. It will examine each sides’ respective realities; first domestically, then bilaterally, and finally in the broader regional context. We will attempt to address the following questions:

  • What does the domestic political and diplomatic picture look like for Israel today? How is Israel changing?
  • What is the status fo the Palestinian national movement today? What is the reality for Palestinians living in Israel, Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, and the diaspora?
  • Why is there no consensus over which areas constitute occupied-Palestinian territories today, be it internationally or amongst Israelis and Palestinians?
  • What is the future for the Zionist national movement and the Palestinian national movement?
  • How does the dramatic aftermath of the Arab Spring/Uprisings throughout the broader Middle East affect the situations in Israel and Palestine and the future prospects for peace?
  • What are the prospects for peace between the two sides? How should we assess the Trump Administration's recent policy shifts towards Jerusalem, UNRWA, the PLO, foreign assistance, and Gaza? How do such efforts affect the Administration's efforts to reach a comprehensive peace agreement? Are there alternative options?