Sir Winston Churchill presciently warned us in the 1930's not to feed the crocodile, naively hoping the "storm will pass before their time comes to be devoured." Ukraine is on the front lines defending against Russian economic, espionage, and military aggression.  Vladimir Putin wants to ensure that Ukraine is so politically dismembered and territorially fractured that NATO and EU membership are out of the question. Nothing scares Putin more than a functioning democratic neighbor with a sizeable Russian speaking population serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for his own domestic opponents who are denied basic civil liberties.  

Today, Ukraine is concurrently on the headlines of US media and the front lines of Russian aggression. From the invasion of  Crimea, to the election of Zelenksy, and everything up to the latest on the impeachment inquiry, join Russia expert and retired CIA Officer Daniel Hoffman for a discussion about Ukraine's perilous position, caught in the Kremlin's cross hairs and a U.S. partisan meat grinder.