"Lamont Lecture Series," a Belfer Center seminar series.

In January 1985, CSIA recieved a grant from Corliss Lamont of New York to establish an endowed lecture series devoted to international security issues.  The first annual Lamont Lecture, "Limits of MIlitary Power: Economic and Other," by Professor Seymour Melman of Columbia Univeristy, was published in the SUmmer 1986 issue of International Security. The second annula Lamont Lecture was delivered on May 7, 1986 by Herbert York, Director of the Institute on Global Cooperation and Conflict at the University of California, San Diego, and a long-time prominent member of the security studies community.  His talk, "Strategic Defense from World War II to the Present," was followed by commentary froma panel made up of Kennedy School Academic Dean Albert Carnesale, Professor George Rathjens of M.I.T. and Dr. Stephen Rosen of the Center of International Affiars.  Dr. York's lecture along with the three responses are now being readied for publication in fall 1986 as the first of CSIA's new Occasional Paper series.