Second session of Middle East Initiative Senior Fellow Robert M. Danin's study group "How Should the Next President of the United States Handle the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

This session describes and analyzes the Israeli-Palestinian situation that the next president will inherit. It locates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the larger context of political unrest, regional disorder, collapsing states, etc., and then focuses on a number of interrelated dimensions: First, what is the situation on the ground in terms of the political, diplomatic, economic, and security dynamics on all fronts between Israel and Palestine today? Second, what are the domestic political contexts that each side brings to the conflict with one another? Third, what are the internal political dynamics within each society that shape the positions leaders bring to the conflict. And fourth, where do non-American international efforts to address the conflict (i.e. BDS, international criminal court, etc.) stand today?

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Please note: this event is part of a three-session study group open by application only. Applications are no longer being accepted to this group. No additional participants will be accepted.