Third session of Middle East Initiative Senior Fellow Robert M. Danin's study group "How Should the Next President of the United States Handle the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?"

Having explored both past US policy towards the conflict and examined the Israeli-Palestinian situation today from various vantage points, this session focuses first on identifying both potential diplomatic approaches towards the conflict as well as policy tools that the United States could use. How important is the conflict? Why is it important today? Should the U.S. invest political and diplomatic capital towards resolving this conflict? Should other regional conflicts be addressed first, in parallel, or after? Would resolution of this conflict contribute to stabilizing a region in which the state system is crumbling? Should the next president devote time to this? If so, what elements would be necessary to craft an effective approach, and how should it be pursued?

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Please note: this event is part of a three-session study group open by application only. Applications are no longer being accepted to this group. No additional participants will be accepted.