Join us for a screening of Back Home (Bled Number One) with Director Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche on Sunday 4 March 2012 at 7 PM at the Harvard Film Archive, 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA.

The Middle East Initiative and the Outreach Center at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies are supporting the screening of this film by the Harvard Film Archive by purchasing 40 tickets. 

*All our free tickets have been claimed at this time. Tickets can be purchased for 45 minutes before the screening at the Cinematheque on the lower level of the Carpenter Center. Details here.

About the film: The international success of Back Home confirmed the promise announced by Wesh Wesh. In that film, Ameur-Zaïmeche played an ex-con named Kamel, just back from two years of court-ordered exile in his native Algeria. In this quasi-prequel, the filmmaker also plays a Frenchman named Kamel, a young man deported to Algeria after a prison sentence. As he encounters the country as both insider and outsider, Kamel discovers the pleasures and discontents of life in a land torn between tradition and modernity. Particularly in his interactions with women in his small home village, Kamel comes face to face with the differences between his secular life in France and the prominence of Islam in Algeria.