A panel discussion with representatives from the International Crisis Group, including:

Issandr El Amrani, Project Director, North Africa (see bio here)

Michaël Ayari, Senior Analyst, Tunisia (see bio here)

Ali Vaez, Senior Analyst, Iran (see bio here)

Maria Fantappie, Analyst, Iraq (see bio here)

This event will be moderated by Tarek Masoud, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.

About International Crisis Group:

The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict.  Crisis Group is currently covering some 70 areas of actual or potential conflict (through analysts operating from regional or field bases, or consultants).  In the Middle East and North Africa region, this includes: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Western Sahara and Yemen.

For more information on the International Crisis Group's work in the Middle East & North Africa, see their website here.