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Ha-Won Lee is a Fellow with the International Security Program. As a political reporter for Korea's oldest and most widely circulated newspaper, the Chosun Ilbo, he covered activity in the Korean Foreign Ministry. He wrote many in-depth reports mainly on the U.S. relations with both South and North Korea. He covered key events among the three nations including: Secretary of State Albright's visit to Pyongyang, Seoul; U.S.-North Korean talks in Berlin, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok; multiple meetings between the South Korean Foreign Minister and Secretary Albright and Secretary Colin Powell at Seoul and Washington; and the status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) revisions negotiations. He shifted attention to the Korean National Assembly in July 2001. He focused reporting efforts on the activities of the Assembly's Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade Committees, all of which were heavily involved in increased involvement with the North Korea. In addition, he covered the primary election of the South Korean ruling party and President-elect Roh Moo-hyun. From 1991 to 1993, he did his military service alongside U.S. soldiers as a Korean Augmentation Troops to the U.S. Army (KATUSA) at Camp Humphreys, near the DMZ. He received both the Army Commendation Medal and Army Achievement Medal by the U.S. Department of Defense for exemplary performance as a soldier and liaison between two armed forces.