With Steve Caton, Professor of Contemporary Arab Studies in the Department of Anthropology Program at Harvard University, and Nader Ardalan, Research Fellow at Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard

Steve Caton is a specialist of Arabic and the Middle East, with an emphasis on Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. His earliest work was in anthropological linguistics and poetics which culminated in his first book, Peaks of Yemen I Summon (University of California Press, 1990), an ethnography of Arabic, oral poetry and political culture of a Yemeni highland tribe. More>

Nader Ardalan is an award winning and critically acclaimed international architect. In over four decades of professional and academic life, Ardalan has practiced architecture in two geographic/cultural zones: North America and the Middle East, with project excursions to the Far East, Central and Western Europe. His project designs range from cities and urban centers to cultural and educational facilities, hotels, shopping malls, office towers and apartment buildings, private villas and palaces.