A conversation with Joseph Krol, Associate Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Agency's Office of Emergency Operations.

Joseph J. Krol, Rear Admiral, United States Navy (Retired), heads the office responsible for emergency management policy and execution of emergency management support across the Department of Energy's complex. Within the National Nuclear Security Administration, he also is responsible for emergency operations, involving nuclear and radiological emergencies, both within the United States and abroad.

NNSA’s Office of Emergency Operations is the United States government’s primary capability for radiological and nuclear emergency response and for providing security to the nation from the threat of nuclear terrorism. The Office of Emergency Operations maintains a high level of readiness for protecting and serving the U.S. and its allies through the development, implementation and coordination of programs and systems designed to serve as a last line of defense in the event of a nuclear terrorist incident or other types of radiological accident. This readiness level provides the U.S. government with quickly deployable, dedicated resources capable of responding rapidly and comprehensively to nuclear or radiological incidents worldwide.