10:00-10:05: Opening Remarks  Paul Kolbe, Director of the Intelligence Project Director, and Maria Robson-Morrow, Manager of the Intelligence Project
10:05-11:35: OSINT Use Cases  Company Presentations moderated by Kristin Wood, Belfer Center Fellow and CEO of Grist Mill Exchange

C4ADS Initiatives - Varun Vira, C4ADS
AI/ML Applications for Illicit Counter-Proliferation Procurement Networks - Amanda Young and Robb Dunlap, Altana AI
Geopolitical Evaluation Using Financial AI - Hassan Salamony, Jacob Ayres-Thomson, and Tim Wilsey, 3AI
Finding the Open Door: How Human Trafficking Network Discovery Supports Broad Counter Threat Network Collection - Samuel Curet, Zero Trafficking
Outcompete and Serve to Identify and Beat Disinformation - Eric Sapp, Public Democracy
Faculty AI: AI for Public Services - Tom Drew and Mike Speirs, Faculty AI

11:35-12:00 Question and Answer  Moderated by Kristin Wood and Maria Robson-Morrow