Belfer Center Directors' Seminar "The Plight of the Solitary Super Power: A European View," with Quentin Peel, International Affairs Editor, Financial Times.

Quentin Peel has been covering international affairs for the Financial Times since 1975. He was posted to Johannesburg in 1976 as southern Africa correspondent, and covered the period of transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe and the gathering pressure on the apartheid system in South Africa. He was Africa Editor for the FT, based in London, from 1981 to 1984, covering economic development issues across the continent. In 1984 Mr. Peel was appointed European Community correspondent and bureau chief in Brussels, where he reported on the establishment of the single European market and the first tentative moves towards creation of a single currency. In 1998 he was posted to Moscow as bureau chief, to cover the Gorbachev revolution and the end of the Cold War. From 1991 he was based in Bonn as chief correspondent in Germany, reporting on the process of German reunification, including the economic collapse of east Germany and the mass privatization of east German industry. In 1994 Mr. Peel returned to London as Foreign Editor, running the international reporting operations of the FT, and strengthening the foreign correspondents' work, especially in Asia and the Americas. Since September 1998 he has been International Affairs editor and an associate editor, responsible for leader and feature writing, and a biweekly foreign affairs column. Mr. Peel, well-known for his lucid analysis of world political trends, will offer his views on American foreign policy at the dawn of the new century. The recent terrorist attack on the USS Cole and the declared foreign policy agendas of both US presidential candidates have sparked lively discussion about America's place in the world. Mr. Peel, who has written on America?s role as a reluctant enforcer of international order, and its place in the 21st century, will no doubt provide an interesting perspective on that debate.