A seminar with Clement Moore Henry, Professor of Government, Emeritus, University of Texas at Austin; Chair, Department of Political Science, American University in Cairo. Second session of the fall 2016 study group led by MEI Visiting Scholar Professor Robert Springborg, Globalization and Its Discontents in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Colonial situations offered opportunities for nation-building that postcolonial rule tried to reinforce in the face of globalization. The new dialectic challenges the authority of postcolonial elites and their state orders.

Clement Moore Henry is Emeritus Professor of Government, the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught from 1987 to 2011.  Until May 2016 he was Visiting Research Professor at the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore after chairing the Political Science Department at the American University in Cairo (2011-2014).  He previously taught at the University of California, both at Berkeley (1963-69) and at Los Angeles (1984-86), at the University of Michigan, the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, and the American University of Beirut, where he directed the Business School in the early 1980s.

Dr. Henry has spent fifteen years in North Africa, the Levant, and Turkey and has written, co-authored, or edited 13 books, including, The Arab Spring : Will It Lead to Democratic Transitions ? (coedited with Ji-Hyang Jang), Palgrave Macmillan, 2013 ; Globalization and the politics of development in the Middle East, (co-athored with Robert Springborg), Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition, 2010; UGEMA 1955-1962: Temoignages, Algiers: Casbah Editions, 2010, expanded 2012; and The Politics of Islamic Finance (coedited with Rodney Wilson), Edinburgh University Press, 2004. He received his AB and PhD from Harvard and, in mid-career, an MBA from the University of Michigan.