Speakers: Daniele Agostini, Head of Low Carbon and European Energy Policies, Enel; Kelley Kizzier, Vice President for Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund; Michael Mehling, Deputy Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Robert Stavins, Director, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement provides opportunities for national governments and the private sector to cooperate internationally to address climate change. In particular, it provides two modalities for international market-based mechanisms. At COP-26 in Glasgow in November, the Parties to the Paris Agreement will attempt (once again) to write the specific rules for implementing Article 6. Speakers in this event — all experts on Article 6 and market mechanisms more generally — will examine the potential of Article 6 — and its prospects at COP-26 and beyond.

Mr. Mehling’s presentation will be based in large part on a discussion paper he recently completed for the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements, which is available here.

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