Please join Special Agent Dawn Norris Doak (MPP '98) of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Program for a discussion on the human element of counterintelligence, including the role of psychology in preventing espionage and protecting critical national assets.


While the idea of "FBI behavioral analysis" is usually associated with hunting serial killers, this seminar will explore the interplay of behavioral analysis and counterintelligence, and its importance in today's national security climate. 


Dawn Norris Doak is a Special Agent with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, National Security division.  She is an authority in analyzing behavioral cues in individuals, organizations, and other factions relevant to the protection of United States national security.  

Currently, Dawn consults worldwide on counterintelligence matters for the FBI and their foreign partners.  She’s recognized by the US intelligence community as an expert in personality assessment, non-verbal evaluations, and statement analysis.  Her work includes behavioral assessments in matters involving the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, espionage, and state sponsored cyber intrusions.  Dawn is the recipient of numerous intelligence community awards, including the 2017 Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Meritorious Unit Citation.

Dawn is an Adjunct Faculty member of the FBI Academy and teaches clandestine operational methods to other intelligence organizations, including the CIA, Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. She also guest lectures at Columbia University in New York City.  

Dawn holds a Bachelor of Arts from Johns Hopkins University and a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School.