The decisions venture capital make do not just impact LPs, founders, or customers. The decisions to fund and support various types of technology or innovation impact everyone in society. Venture backed startups affect how we work, live, and move; they impact jobs, the environment, the economy, democracy, human rights, privacy, and safety.  VC is risky in more ways than just high failure rates and intense growth models. These investors have massive responsibility in how our society is shaped and rarely are they held accountable for the negative aspects of those outcomes.

Impact investing or ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving problems: ESG and impact do not always work in the early-stage and for venture scalable businesses. Join Technology and Public Purpose fellow, Liz Sisson for a talk on why ESG falls short and what other options investors have when considering public purpose in their investments.

  VC + Public Purpose Team
  • Liz Sisson, Technology and Public Purpose Fellow, Speaker
  • Nathalie Gazzaneo, MPP '22, Harvard Kennedy School, Speaker
  • Campbell Howe, MPP '22, Harvard Kennedy School, Speaker