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The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs will host a Directors' Seminar with General Kevin P. Chilton, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command.

General Kevin P. Chilton, Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command will speak on the recent START Treaty and the balance of offensive and defensive strategic weapons. General Chilton has commanded the U.S. Strategic Command, which is responsible for the plans and operations for all U.S. nuclear deterrent forces and space operations. He has unique insights into the status of our nuclear weapons and how the new START treaty will affect, and be affected by, those forces.

General Chilton assumed command of United States Strategic Command on October 3, 2007. He is responsible for the plans and operations for all U.S. forces conducting strategic deterrence and Department of Defense space and cyberspace operations.

A graduate from the U.S. Air Force Pilot Training and Test Pilot Schools, he flew operational assignments in the RF-4C and F-15 and weapons testing in the F-4 and F-15. The General also served eleven years at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and commanded STS-76, his third space shuttle mission. The General has commanded at the Wing, Numbered Air Force, Major Command and Unified Combatant Command levels. A distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, General Chilton also received a MSc in mechanical engineering as a Columbia University Guggenheim Fellow.

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