Snacks and refreshments will be served

The Civil Services is a pivotal institution in India. Civil servants are not only the administrators of the Indian state - they collect revenue, maintain law and order, execute developmental programs, regulate the markets, and even run railway and broadcasting companies - but also are important policy makers. This talk will focus on their role in India’s democratic and development journey and discuss related issues.

Praveen Kishore is a member of the Indian Revenue Services and is a career Civil Servant with the Government of India for the past eleven years. He has varied experience in the areas of tax administration and enforcement, investigation of financial frauds, strategic organizational management and HR issues, and fiscal policy administration.

This event is co-sponsored by KSSG and supported by the HKS South Asia Caucus.

The Student Speakers Series is a weekly event that brings together graduate students interested in South Asia.  Topics include health care, energy, media, US-India relations, Nepal’s democratic transition, and Pakistan’s military.