The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs is proud to host a Director’s Lunch on “US-ROK Alliance and the North Korean Problem” given by Goh Kun, Former Prime Minister of South Korea.

Goh Kun, former Prime Minister of South Korea (2003-2004), will discuss the future of the US-ROK alliance in light of North Korea's nuclear weapons program.  He served as Acting President of South Korea when President Roh Moo Hyun was indicted by the National Assembly for impeachment.  Goh was widely acclaimed for his crucial role in restoring South Korea's stability, skillfully handling foreign affairs, and effectively managing the central government during this crisis.

Goh is known as the "master administrator" in South Korea.  He served as the 30th Prime Minister (1997-1998), twice as the Mayor of Seoul, (1998-2002, 1988-1990), Minister of Home Affairs (1987), Member of the National Assembly (1985-1988), Minister of Agriculture and Marine Affairs (1981-1982), Minister of Transportation (1980-1981), and Chief Secretary of Political Affairs to the President (1979-1980). 

He holds the record as the youngest Governor in South Korea.  At the age of 37, he became the Governor of Jeonnam Province in 1975.  He was appointed by the President to lead a national agricultural modernization program called the New Village Movement, which transformed South Korea's agricultural sector into one of the most modernized and productive in Asia. 

Between government posts, Goh has served as the Chairman of Transparency International Korea to fight corruption in South Korea, a life-long cause for Goh.  He has also served as the Co-President of Korean Federation for Environment Movement and president of Myong Ji University.  He is a 1960 graduate of the Seoul National University.  He was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University in 1983 and a Visiting Professor at MIT in 1984.  He is married with three sons.