A panel discussion with Sahar Atrache, Lebanon Analyst, International Crisis Group and Noah Bonsey, Syria Analyst, International Crisis Group. Mr. Bonsey will provide an assessment of current dynamics of the Syrian war, with a focus on how division and poor coordination among the opposition's backers have undermined its political and military structures and complicated efforts to end the conflict. Ms. Atrache will discuss Syria's war impact on Lebanon, with focus on linkages between Sunni Islamists and Syrian opposition groups. She will also address the implications of Hizbollah's involvement in Syria.

About Sahar Atrache:

Sahar Atrache is the International Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst in Lebanon. She joined the organization in 2008. Prior to her current position, Sahar worked with the United Nations in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon. She also joined several Lebanese and International NGOs to handle projects related to social development, women empowerment and governance. She conducted extensive research on Hizbollah, Sunni's political and Islamist groups, Syrian and Palestinian refugees. She holds Post-Master degrees in Political Science and in Journalism.

About Noah Bonsey:

Noah Bonsey is a Senior Analyst with the International Crisis Group.  He has contributed to Crisis Group’s coverage of Syria since May of 2012, and joined the organization full-time in April of 2013. Prior to his current position, Noah worked for three years as an Arabic social media analyst for a private consulting firm, managing a team of analysts focusing on regional political and militant affairs. Noah lived in Damascus in 2006 and 2008-2009, was based in Qatar in 2010, and speaks Modern Standard and Syrian colloquial Arabic.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Williams College and a Master’s in Arabic from the University of Maryland.