Students from Harvard will connect virtually with students at Luleå University for a discussion about the case of Kiruna, a town in Northern Sweden that is relocating because of subsidence due to mining and climate change. 

Students will have an opportunity to play the role of various decision-makers in the town, and discuss how they would handle the public policy challenge of town relocation. Experts from Sweden and the town of Kiruna will provide context for the case discussion and share their real-life experience of how this experiment in resilience is playing out. 

Some case preparation work is required as Harvard students will be paired with students from Luleå University to come up with their teams strategy to deal with the sinking town in advance of the Oct. 2 Zoom session. 

Apply to be part of this unique case discussion opportunity by Monday, September 28, 2020, so you can be matched with your international team. 

For more information, please email