With Iran's crucial presidential election of May 19 on the horizon, a panel of experts will examine the economic challenges facing the country and incumbent President Rouhani’s re-election.  Although high expectations were tied in with the passing of the nuclear deal--Rouhani's crowning achievement--other factors, such as the nature of the Iranian economy, political risk, and the new administration in the White House, have threatened Rouhani’s campaign to attract high foreign direct investment. The Iran Project is pleased to host the International Iranian Economic Association for a panel discussion on the future of the nuclear deal, its impact on the lives of average Iranians and the business scene in Iran, successes and failures of the Rouhani administration in responding to long term challenges in the water and energy sectors, and how these factors affect Rouhani’s chances for re-election.

Speakers will include Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech, Visiting Scholar at Harvard’s Iran Project and Middle East Initiative.; Suzanne Maloney, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of Foreign Policy at Brookings; Amir Cyrus Razzaghi, President of the Ara Enterprise Group; and Hamed Ghoddusi, Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business, Stevens Institute of Technology.

The event will be moderated by Iran Project Director Payam Mohseni.