Yemeni-American professionals (scientists, public leaders and business people) with some of their counterparts from Yemen as well as American academics who have worked in Yemen will convene to discuss Yemen and its future. Among the topics to be covered are: women and youth, economic development, political and legal reform, and the water crisis. In addition to critical analysis of the complexities of the current situation, presentations will stress concrete policy recommendations and suggestions for their implementation. Organized by Steven C. Caton, Harvard University, and the Yemen Working Group.


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Sponsored by the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, Ash Institute (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Crown Center (Brandeis University), Dean of the Social Sciences (FAS, Harvard), Islamic Legal Studies Program (Harvard Law School), Middle East Initiative (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), MIT Middle East Program, Outreach Center (Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies), and Women and Public Policy Program (Harvard Kennedy School of Government). Additional support from Steven C. Caton and the Yemen Working Group.