Dr. Robert Budnitz of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will be speaking on "The Yucca Mountain Repository: Technical Progress Report".  The US Department of Energy, charged by the Congress with developing the Yucca Mountain repository as the nation's first deep-geological disposal site for high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, has made major progress on the repository in the last few years.   DOE is preparing a license application to be submitted to the US NRC for NRC's review and approval.  The design and analysis of both the repository and the surface facilities is well-along.  This talk will present a technical progress report on the repository's design concept and DOE's technical approach for assuring safe long-term isolation.

Dr. Budnitz is currently on the staff of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (University of California), working on the Yucca Mountain Project on a special "detail" assignment to DOE in Washington.  Formerly he worked for over two decades in a one-man consulting practice in Berkeley, CA, with emphasis on nuclear-facility safety, radioactive-waste management, and environmental effects of nuclear-power production.  He is a former Director of Research at the US NRC; and a former Associate Director for Energy & Environment at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  He holds a Ph.D. in physics (Harvard, 1968), and a B.A. in physics (Yale, 1961).