Colonel Aaron L.B. Cox is an active duty Army combat engineer officer. Originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, he earned his commission from the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Pittsburgh in 2000.  

Most recently Colonel Cox served as the Commander of 5th Battalion, 3rd Security Forces Assistance Brigade at Fort Hood Texas, which forward deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2021.  He served as the security augmentation force Commander to the U.S. Embassy prior to withdrawal of U.S. Forces from theater. Previously Colonel Cox Commanded the 307thEngineer Battalion,  82nd Airborne Division where the unit deployed to provide security to Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan.  Additionally, he served as a J35 future operations planner at Joint Special Operations Command supporting both CENTCOM and AFRICOM areas of responsibility.  Notably he was an exchange operations officer for the Australian 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment where he planned amphibious operations with the Papua New Guinea Defense Forces and coordinated disaster response following cyclone Yasi.  

He holds a Masters in Construction Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology and an MBA from Websters University.  His undergraduate study included a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.  

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