Adam Siegel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Chicago-based Cultivate Labs and a pioneer in applying collective intelligence and crowdsourcing solutions for governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations. Founded in 2014, Cultivate helps organizations make better strategic, operational, and policy decisions by crowdsourcing employee or externally-based large, diverse groups of human and AI-supported forecasts about risks, critical events, and milestones. Its technology platform and professional services are used by national security-related government agencies in the U.S. and Europe, biopharmaceutical companies, investment banks, and large research institutions. Siegel also founded venture-backed (Y Combinator) Inkling Markets in 2006, which introduced the internal use of prediction markets to companies. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Siegel spent a decade as a technology consultant at Accenture where he led a research initiative on next-generation user interfaces and client engagements across multiple industries.

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