Addison Jensen is an Ernest May Fellow in History and Policy and a doctoral candidate in the History Department at UC Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on the powerful role popular culture and media play as intermediaries between the civilian and military spheres.

Her dissertation, "Blowing in the Wind: Media, Counterculture, and the American Military in Vietnam," situates the experiences of American servicemembers during the Vietnam War against the backdrop of the stateside countercultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Employing media, popular culture, and oral histories as the primary lens of analysis, this research sheds light on how American troops' attitudes towards U.S. gender roles, class and racial hierarchies, notions of civic duty, and the war itself evolved as news of domestic U.S. campaigns for racial and social justice increasingly made its way to Vietnam.

Addie's work has been funded by the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation, the Chicano Studies Institute, and UCSB's Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, among other institutions. Her work has appeared in Passport: The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations Review and H-Diplo. A forthcoming article will be published in the Journal of American-East Asian Relations. In August 2024, Addie will join Montana State University's Department of History & Philosophy as an Assistant Professor of Twentieth Century United States History.

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