Alexander R. Mehran is chairman and chief executive officer of Sunset Development Company. A California native who has lived in San Francisco since 1977, Mehran earned a law degree from Cambridge University after completing his undergraduate education at Harvard. Trained as an international lawyer, Mehran made his most significant professional impact in real estate, contributing to the economic development of the East Bay region.

Mehran spent three years managing real estate companies and assets at J.P. Morgan before joining Sunset Development Company, a private, diversified real estate organization his father founded in 1951. Over the next four decades, under Mehran's leadership, the company expanded beyond residential development, undertaking major commercial projects such as San Ramon's Bishop Ranch, a business park that houses 600 businesses that employ 30,000 workers. 

Mehran was former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Mehran now serves on the Board of Trustees for Caltech. 

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